Two various ideas for vacations of your lifetime

Nowadays, since Poland is a part of EU, we’re able to go to far away spots, without spending plenty of cash and time for trip. All thanks to cheap airline companies.

Depending on your preferences, you could select various type of activity, by flying to different location. You prefer sea or great city at north? Here are two locations for you to choose.

Autor: Ashlynn Pai
If you always wish to go to Denmark, book flight to Copenhagen, summer is the best term for tour around this lovely city. The temperature is nicest in July or August, it’s almost as warm as in Poland. Also, it is not very hot, therefore you won’t be tired of a sun. In the capital of Denmark, you will be able to appreciate amazing architecture ( here). Great, Renaissance mansions, Classical temples, plenty of green spots. Also, in there, you’ll be able to go to the oldest amusement park in whole world! Reserving flight to Copenhagen is also good, if you want to visit Lego factory with your kids.
What with some hotter spots? Choose flight to Beirut. That capital of Lebanon is a great place


Autor: Janos Korom Dr.

for each of you, who want to spend on a sand whole week. But don’t be worried to get bored in there, cause capital either has many great monuments, mostly ancient remains (use this link). When you like to book flight to Beirut in really attractive prize, you need to select low season. Cause in June or September weather is still fine, and it is less common, so prize of plane tickets and hotels are lower. Beside you will relax more, cause of smaller crowd on a beach.

All of you, who like to visit any interesting, northern metropolis, need to visit Copenhagen, motherland of Andersen, the writer. On the other hand, when you prefer to spend your holidays in some hot area, try Beirut, the main city of Lebanon. It also has some monuments, and lovely beaches.

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